Legal and tax services

We deliberately do not focus on all types of legal industries. We choose only some of them, and we have been specializing in them for a long time. Areas in which we guarantee a high level of expertise include, in particular, commercial law, administrative law, real estate law, foreign and asylum law, education law, and private international law.

Accounting and tax accounting

There is no doubt that it is necessary for us to keep up with the legal requirements in place for entrepreneurs. Maintaining our expertise in proper bookkeeping and the tax aspects of setting up business organizations is crucial. We take on all the responsibilities associated with bookkeeping and tax matters. We offer our services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Real estate and subsidy services

We provide real estate services in accordance with Act No. 39/2020 Coll. on Real Estate Brokerage. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in buying or selling real estate nationally or internationally. We specialize in the real estate market in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Croatia. We cooperate with foreign partners in the fields of law, taxation, and real estate.

Courses and training

We organize a wide range of courses and corporate training for our clients in selected areas of law and taxation. Our team includes experts from an academic environment and practitioners with many years of experience. We target our courses to the general public and corporate clients. We provide training programs and courses accredited by the Czech Republic Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports.

Trust funds

We represent clients during the establishment and administration of trust funds following the Czech and foreign laws. We assist with the raising and collection of funds or other monetarily valuable assets for the trust fund. We prepare the trust deed, register the trust fund and secure its statute.

Publishing house

We produce a number of professional publications, especially in the fields of law and taxation. However, we do not shy away from interesting titles in other fields. Our publishing activity is complete - from graphic and typographical design to production, printing, promotion, and sales. We publish both, print titles and modern e-books. We also produce the increasingly popular audiobooks.